Why Viperidae?

We often get questions about our name here at Viperidae. The snakes known as Vipers scientific family name is Viperidae. Why choose that name? Medusa is known in Greek Mythology for being a monster with a head of snakes (which were Vipers) and turning anyone, who looks her in her eyes, to stone. What's not so well known about Medusa, is that she was cursed by Athena for being raped by Poseidon. Athena, the eternal virgin, was outraged at the act that took place in her palace and blamed Medusa for the illicit actions and cursed her. Medusa has become a large symbol in sexually assaulted communities for this reason as we often see victims being blamed for the henious acts committed against them.

Our Mission

At Viperidae we are dedicated to spreading awareness on the prevalence of sexual violence in today's society. As we grow, we will introduce more and more ways to inform people of how important it is to be in the know about this type of danger.


10% off every purchase goes to non profits that aid victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. We are always looking for more organizations to donate to. If you have one you would like to suggest please send us a mesage on Facebook or Instagram. Our Instagram is @Viperidaeco. Please see our Information Page for info on our current donation recipients.

  • Prevalence

    Sex trafficking is the one of the largest and highest paid industries in the world. The industry is always growing and now annually profiting $150 BILLION worldwide.

  • Victims

    There are an estimated 27.6 million victims being used all over the world at any given time. Victims can be of any race, age or gender. Nobody is safe from the danger of trafficking.

  • What it looks like

    Sex trafficking is not just being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Trafficking can be done in various ways. Coercion and debt bondage are two largely used ways to trap victims.